Texart XT-640

XT-640 Price
Including Take Up Unit

$49,495 inc. GST

Developed specifically for dye sublimation transfer printing, the Texart XT-640 delivers outstanding productivity, exceptional print quality and renowned reliability. Maximise the strength and style of your output across a wide range of applications including sportswear, fashion, soft signage, interior decoration, promotional merchandise and much more.


A Perfect Balance of Productivity and Quality

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Print in 3 Easy Steps


With its rugged construction and dual print heads, the XT-640 Dye Sublimation Printer is built to meet the most demanding production and quality requirements. It provides machine stability, a choice of ink configurations, including Fluorescent Pink (Fp) and Fluorescent Yellow (Fy), and is one of the fastest dye sublimation printers on the market. Equipped with automatic ink-switching and iPad printer assist features, it also supports unattended printing on long print runs, even in high-speed modes.


Seven Droplet Print Heads
Cover All the Details

The XT-640 Dye Sublimation Printer features dual staggered print heads to maximise productivity. Each Piezo inkjet print head has 8-channels containing 180 nozzles with seven different dot sizes. This allows the XT-640 to achieve smoother gradations, finer details and richer colour density for photographic quality graphics and high-resolution vector output.

More Choice with 4-Colour or 8-Colour Ink Modes

In 4-colour (CMYK) high-speed print mode, the XT-640 is fast and efficient, producing fine details and deep colour contrast. In an 8-colour configuration (CMYK+LcLmOrVi / CMYK+OrViFpFy), the XT-640 delivers an extremely wide colour gamut with Orange, Violet, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Fluorescent Pink and Fluorescent Yellow inks. In 8-colour set-up, you have the ability to reproduce Pantone Solid Coated colours as well as having a vast choice of vibrant fluorescents and soft pastel shades.


New Media Feed System for Non-Shift Printing

The XT-640 Dye Sublimation Printer has a new media feed system that supports printing on a range of thick to thin papers. The new media holder keeps everything evenly tensioned and properly aligned while a powerful vacuum holds the paper flat. The front feed adjuster keeps media taut on the take-up reel and the whole system prevents transfer paper from buckling or shifting.


Simply Print and Go with Precision Take-up System

To support long runs, the XT-640 comes standard with a take-up system
that features a front-mounted roller and a tension-controlled take-up unit.
The following features offer easy and unattended feeding and tracking:

  • Supports heavy roll media up to 50 kg

  • Dancer roller with light-tension for stable take-up and easy-release

  • Fully-adjustable take-up operation allows for precision feeding and versatile media use

  • Decreased media resistance to dramatically improve feeding accuracy

Automatic Bulk Ink-Switching System

When configured in 4-colour mode, the XT-640 can print continuously. Once the primary ink pouch and sub tank for a particular colour are empty, the ink switching system activates automatically and begins pulling ink from the secondary ink pouch, allowing for maximum productivity and efficiency.


Remote Controlled Printing with Roland Printer Assist

Roland Printer Assist (RPA) is a free application available at the iTunes App Store that offers easy management of the XT-640 by accessing its control panel directly from an iPad. With RPA users can remotely control the XT-640 and view print status, run machine calibration and perform maintenance. In addition, RPA features multiple printer management from one iPad.


ErgoSoft is widely regarded as the premier RIP software in the textile and dye sublimation market. The Roland DG Edition of this software is specially designed for use with the XT-640 in 4-colour and 8-colour modes and features the following:

  • Work in print environments and print modes for the most common fabrics.

  • Step & repeat and tiling features for advanced media saving and efficiency.

  • Superior colour management with colour replacement and extensive Colorbooks swatches.

  • Job cost calculation and other advanced production features.

Add Some Rad with Fluorescent Inks 

Choose from 375 predefined colors in the Roland DG Fluor Colour Library with new Fluorescent Pink (Fp) and Fluorescent Yellow (Fy) SBL3 Texart inks. Combine Fp+Fy with CMYKOrVi to incorporate brilliant fluorescent colours into expressive sportswear, apparel, soft signage and décor.


Real-Time Support with Roland OnSupport®

Roland OnSupport provides online feedback on machine status via email alerts to the user’s computer or smart phone. The system automatically notifies users of job completion, ink consumption, machine usage metrics, maintenance issues and firmware updates. It also provides access to manuals, guides and other support info.