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VersaUV LEF-12i

Benchtop UV Printer

LEF-12i Price

$24,995 inc. GST

The VersaUV LEF-12i offers countless product customisation and substrate possibilities, including printing directly on three-dimensional objects up to 100mm thick.

LEF-12i + BOFA Unit

$31,495 inc. GST


A Cool Machine for Customising Hundreds of items


Using state-of-the-art UV-LED lamps, the LEF-12i is low-heat, cool-running machine that combines with hi-tech ECO-UV inks to print on the following materials:


Versatile, Flexible, Brilliant

With the magic of LEF-12i flatbed UV printing, you can print graphics and add stylish finishes to standard substrates as well as unique promotional items.

  • Gloss ink option enables spot gloss or matte finishes, as well as highly unique embossed effects

  • Print on three-dimensional objects with ECO-UV inks that image brilliantly and stretch around complex corners and curves

  • Perfect for pens, smart phone covers, personalised awards, giftware and so much more

  • Add White ink as a spot color or as a flood behind CMYK on dark backgrounds and clear materials

Choose an LEF to Suit Your Budget and Your Business


The Wonder of ECO-UV Ink

Available in CMYK, White and Gloss, ECO UV ink offers the following benefits:

  • Clean and efficient 220ml cartridges

  • Instantly dries to produce mess-free, wide color gamut results

  • Highly-flexible - stretching around curves and irregular surfaces without cracking

  • Produces durable indoor graphics with scratch and chemical resistance

  • Outdoor graphics last from six months to two years when Clear Coat ink layer is applied

Ink Efficiency and Consistency

The LEF-12i has an Automated Ink Circulation Systems that significantly lower running costs while maintaining sharp image quality and brilliant colours, even on long print runs. Controlled ink circulation ensures that ink pigments can’t settle in the ink lines, resulting in smooth ink consistency and density.

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Energy Efficient UV Lamps

The LEF-12i features energy-saving LED lamps that last up to ten times longer than conventional UV lamps. These can be instantly switched on and off for a true on-demand operation that doesn’t require a long warm-up time. In addition, the LEF has an automatic low-power mode that is switched on when not used after an extended period.


Mist Filters for Clean and Clear Printing

To ensure optimum print quality when printing around curves, mist filters have been added to the LEF-12i to collect the residual ink-mist when printing off the edge or curve of an item. This reduces overspray and stops ink from settling on internal parts. Filters are designed to be easily replaceable by the end user.


VersaUV LEF series printers includes new VersaWorks 6 RIP software, featuring a new HARLEQUIN dual-core engine for faster previewing times and improved handling of PDF and EPS files, including files with drop-shadows and transparencies.

In VersaWorks 6 you can automatically generate White, Gloss and Primer layer directly in the RIP software with a Special Colour Plate Generation feature. Users can also rotate, set spacing and Maintain Clip Position within the RIP to give you more control when printing graphics and applying Gloss Ink effects.

VersaWorks 6 also offers a host of advanced features that include five print queues and five hot folders— combined with the ability to store unlimited queue settings and native 64-bit processing that enables users to nest up-to 86 jobs and other increased capabilities.