Engraving Machines

Roland DG engraving machines deliver precision results, making it possible to personalise everything from awards, gifts and jewellery to rhinestone decorated apparel, and signage.

Affordable and effortlessly easy-to-operate, the MPX impact printer provides stunning results on metal materials and are the perfect solution for gift personalisation and industrial part marking.


LV Series Laser Engravers

  • Benchtop or desktop sizes to fit your home, office or shop

  • Cut-out wood, leather and fabric, and mark on metal, glass and many more items

  • Create personalised giftware, jewellery, trophies, and prototypes

  • A safe, fully-enclosed operation with a non-contact CO2 laser

  • Pair with a VersaUV LEF printer for the ideal prototyping and personalisation solution


DGSHAPE DE-3 Desktop Engraver

  • Engrave onto a huge range of giftware, signage, trophies, tools and industrial products

  • Laser pointer for quick set-up and easy production

  • Easily-applied nose cones for depth-regulation and non-scratch precision

  • Ethernet connection with LAN network connectivity

  • Includes new Dr. Engrave Plus software


LD-300 Laser Decorator

  • Laser imprint onto acrylic, polycarbonate, PVC, paper, leather and more

  • Uses inexpensive foil material to produce unique, reflective graphics

  • Accommodates large items such as handbags and gift boxes with increased speed

  • Runs safe and clean with no debris or gas leakage

  • Includes METAZAStudio software


LD-80 Laser Foil Decorator

  • Laser imprint designs onto pens, pocket notepads, lipstick cases and more

  • Uses inexpensive foil material to produce unique, reflective graphics

  • Safe, quiet and portable personalisation for your kiosk, store or office

  • Requires no special electrical set-up and uses limited power

  • Includes METAZAStudio software


MPX-95 Photo Impact Printer

  • Imprint images, text and barcodes onto metal giftware and equipment

  • Precise, low-cost and easy-to-operate solution

  • Removable base enables imprinting onto large items

  • Runs quietly and safely in any kiosk, store or lab

  • Includes METAZA Studio software

  • Available with optional kits for giftware or direct part marking