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Texart RT-640

If you're looking to get into dye sublimated soft signage, apparel, décor, promotional goods and other highly profitable applications, then the RT-640 is the sublimation printing solution for you. Designed to combine superb quality, productivity and value with brilliantly simple operation, the advanced RT-640 Dye Sublimation Transfer Printer is simply brilliant.

RT-640 Price
Including Take Up Unit 

$34,595 inc. GST


The Perfect Sublimation Printing Solution

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The Texart RT-640 is a state-of-the-art device that fits effortlessly into sublimation printing workflows for productions ranging from fabric banners and branded apparel to promotional items and interior décor. Roland DG’s Texart solution includes the Texart printer, Texart inks, ErgoSoft Roland edition RIP software and options for accessories like transfer paper, making it easy for you to get into – or increase – your sublimation business.


Brilliantly Simple Production

The RT-640 is designed for maximum ease-of-use. An automatic feed adjuster and media take-up system ensure even tensioning and prevent skewing of transfer paper, while a powerful vacuum keeps paper flat for printing. The result is precision details and a precisely wound roll at the take-up reel, ready for heat transferring. An innovative Roland DG Ink Switching System automatically switches to the backup ink pouch when the primary pouch runs out, providing up to 2000ml of ink per colour in CMYK mode. Included ErgoSoft sublimation RIP software and Roland Printer Assist iPad app make it easy to manage operation.


Brighten up Your Graphics with Texart SBL3 Ink

Achieve vivid colours, smooth gradations and super-sharp images with fast-drying Texart dye sublimation inks. Specially formulated for Texart dye sublimation printers, Texart ink delivers dense blacks, a wide colour gamut that includes Orange and Violet ink options, and a high dye concentration that reduces ink-limits without any reduction in colour density or vibrancy. Texart SBL3 ink is also available in Fluorescent Pink and Yellow inks that produce hundreds of vivid fluorescent colours and soft pastel shades for fashionable sportswear, decor and eye-catching signs.


Cutting-edge Ink with 4-colour, 8-colour and Fluorescents

The Texart RT-640 can be configured as a 4-colour or 8-colour device. In 4-colour (CMYK) mode, Texart ink produces bright colours with velvety blacks, improved grey scale and high quality, detailed output. In 8-colour (CMYK+LcLmOrVi and CMYK+OrViFpFy) mode, the addition of Orange, Violet, Fluorescent Pink and Fluorescent Yellow inks produce an increased colour gamut with both delicate and intense hues. Fluorescent Pink and Yellow inks can be combined with process colors (CMY+Fp+Fy) to produce an array of vivid fluorescents and soft pastel shades.

An advanced, 8-channel print head contains 180 nozzles per channel capable of producing seven different droplet sizes for smoother gradations and denser colour. Texart ink is approximately 15% less expensive per litre than conventional inks, yet provides outstanding colour reproduction. Lower running costs are also achieved due to the ink waveform and maintenance sequence control technology engineered for Texart ink and the RT-640.

The Roland DG Ink System uses airtight sealed pouches of one litre each. When in 4-colour mode, the system provides two litres per colour. The proprietary Roland DG Ink Switching System* automatically switches to the backup ink pouch when the primary pouch runs out. Further expediting production, you can replace
an empty pouch without stopping the printer.

* Available only in 4-colour mode

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Media Take-Up System 

The RT-640 includes a feed adjustment function that combines with a TU3 take-up attachment to ensure a stable and uninterrupted production even in high-speed modes. The TU3 take-up system includes a front-mounted roller and tension controlled take-up unit for smooth media feeding and tracking. Its main features include a roll media support that holds 50kg, a dancer roller for effortless take-up, auto media release and auto media rewind, and a rotating shaft face to decrease resistance and ensure flawless feeding accuracy.


Additional ErgoSoft RIP Software made for the RT-640

ErgoSoft Roland Edition was developed especially for Roland DG by ErgoSoft, the premier RIP provider in the textile market. Support for both 4-colour and 8-colour printing is provided and it includes numerous features especially for digital textile production that combine excellent high-speed RIP throughput and image quality.

Features include:

  • Custom colour replacement

  • Superior dithering methodology

  • Step and repeat

  • Ink limit controls

  • Scale and shrinkage correction

  • Production control utilities


Roland Printer Assist

Thanks to Roland Printer Assist, you can manage your RT-640 remotely when you're in the office using an iPad tablet. Free and available for download from the iTunes App Store, the Roland Printer Assist app enables users to manage production, test printing, and even access cleaning functions from virtually any location.

Texart RT-640 Dye-Sublimation Printer Applications

In the ever-advancing world of dye-sublimation, ease of use and value are as important as performance and quality when choosing the right inkjet printer for producing transfer graphics. That’s precisely where the Texart RT-640 stands out. Featuring Texart SBL3 ink, state-of-the-art print control technology, premium ErgoSoft Roland Edition Textile RIP software, a choice of either four-colour or eight-colour printing—and much more—the RT-640 allows you to deliver stunning results on a wide range of materials.

Soft Signage

The RT-640 leverages either 4-colour or 8-colour configurations to deliver stunning details. With the addition of Orange and Violet ink, a kaleidoscope of eye-catching colours can be achieved. From banners to tradeshow graphics, flags, and more, the options for soft signage are virtually endless.


Rigid Materials and Promotional Products

No matter what type of rigid material you plan on sublimating to—from snowboards and skateboards to custom decorated tiles and promotional products—the RT-640 has you covered. Vibrant colours? Rich blacks? Subtle gradations? Super fine details? No problem for the RT-640, with its highly-advanced, 8- channel print head, ErgoSoft Roland Edition RIP, and specially formulated SBL3 sublimation ink.

Fashion Items, Apparel and Sportswear

From team jerseys, custom hats, handbags, and more, you can quickly roll up your sleeves and expand your client offering with high-quality apparel produced on the RT-640 with ease. Take your digital textile printing to a whole new level.


Rev up the reliability

Off-the-charts imaging. Unmatched reliability. Exceptional production capabilities. World-class Roland DG service and support. The RT-640 puts you in the driver’s seat for creating premium sublimated vehicle graphics, such as upholstered interiors, personalised accessories and custom restyling gear.



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